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“Here have this, it’s for the nerves” Madam Giry said to Christine handing her a glass of some clear liquid, She took the glass taking small sips. Once she finished Madam Giry took the glass back with a slight smile on her face. “Go my dear, you’ll be great” she said turning Christine towards the door.

Raoul came running up to the dressing room grabbing a confused Christines hand and pulling her towards the stairs leading to the roof. what is happening? she thought I want to run but…. When they reached the roof she was scared but not of Raoul, it was that man who wore the mask, why was she scared of him? she was kind but…. “Are you okay?” Raoul asked pulling her face in close. “I’m…. scared” she said looking and sounding confused. “It’s okay love, I’m here now” Raoul said tilting her face up so he could see her eyes, the curve of her mouth, the line of her neck leading down to the soft skin of her chest and breasts. He looked back up at her face and he could see the glazed look in her eyes, the drugs must be taking effect on her. Raoul pulled her face gentle to his, pressing his lips against hers, pulling her close. “What are you doing?” she asked confused trying to pull away from him, he just held on tighter. “Please let me go” she begged trying harder to get free, she had no strength, she couldn’t fight him even if she could no one would believe her he would simply continue to hurt her, why not just zone out let it happen and be over with? if it would stop the torture why not? She went limp in his arms, letting him hold her up and press his lips all over her body, letting only a single tear escape her eyes.
Where was she? she has to be somewhere, Erik thought frantically searching the the opera house looking for her. He found the door to the stairs ajar. This door was always kept closed. He rushed up the stairs, he found the viscount pushing a limp Christine up against the wall, pulling her skirt up as he went.

“Get off her right now you inbred bastard” Erik raoed, and flew at Raoul. He ripped him away from his love and slamming him against the wall. “Stay away from her” he growled bashing Raouls head against the wall. He fell to the floor unconscious. Erik walked back to where Christine lay on the ground sobbing. “Did he hurt you?” he said bending down and pulling her head up to look at him. She held up the wrist that Raoul had sprained, the bruise now encircled her hole wrist. “Oh sweetie” Erik said pulling her into his arms and rocking her.

That night he brought her back to his penthouse above paris and away from the opera house where Raoul still resided. He lead her into the main living space and sat her down on the couch. “Is there anything you need love?” he said walking towards the hall. “Water” she said “if you please” he smiled and walked down the hall and into the kitchen, returning moments later with a full crystal glass of water. “Thank you” Christine said taking the water and going back to staring at the floor. “Are you okay?” he asked, she silently noded. He stood up thinking there was something she wouldn't tell him, Raoul must have some power over her, he owned the whole theater of course he did so what was Erik going to do to free is caged angel…


When Raoul woke up he found himself in his bed with the little dancer walking in holding a bowl of water and a damp rag. “What the fuck are you doing here?” Raoul asked trying to sit up and falling back because of the throbbing in the back of his head. “We found you and you were unconscious so we brought you back and i stayed to make sure you were okay” Meg said as fast as she could, Raoul merely closed his eyes and pretended it was Christine tending to him.

Later that night and limo pulled up outside the opera house, Andree and Fearman rushed out to meet the young man who stepped out from the limo. he was tall with black hair that hung to his shoulders and was pulled back like a pirate, with wide shoulders were very toned even through his suit you could make out just barely the well defined lines. His strong blue eyes looked upon the two men who ran his parents opera house. “Where is he?” the man demanded. “Right this way” Andree said and began to led the new man to Raoul’s rooms.

Once the man reached Raouls room he dismissed the other two men and proceed through the room to find him. He walked into the young mans room to find him being attended to by a young girl. “Who are you?” he demanded. “M-Meg” she stammered bowing her head. “ecusse us Meg” he said and she left bobbing a curtsey as she went. “What happened to you?!” the man asked. “I was attacked Richard” Raoul said. Richard walked to the window and looked out, “how did this happen? who was it?” he asked not looking back. Raoul hung his head and said, “I don’t know, i was with Christine when it happened and then i was smashed against the wall, where is she?”. “I don’t know” Richard said walking back over to the bed to look down at his younger brother. “That monster must have taken her!” he said sitting up and rubbing the back of his head. “What monster?” asked Richard. “One who has taken her before, he must be stopped” Raoul said.

When Christine awoke the next morning she found herself in the same bed she had woken in the last time she had stayed, the only difference was this time he was asleep on the couch near the door. She gently got up so as not to wake him , and went towards the door to find the bathroom. when she got to the door a hand grabbed her arm gently stopping her. “Are you okay?” Eirk asked, she looked down into the beautiful eyes of her angel. “I just had to go to the bathroom” she said bending down and kissing him gently before straightening and smiling. he watched her walk down the hall before laying back down and staring at the ceiling. Eirk walked out to find her staring at the view again, “you really love it here don’t you?” he asked. she turned and smiled, “yes, because i can share it with you” she said leaning her head against his chest. “Don’t go back” he said into her hair, “if you do Raoul will only hurt you again”. “What do you want me to do then?” she asked looking up into his eyes. “Run away with me”


    Christine rushed to pack a small bag with only the essentials she would need for her new life with Eirk. There was a knock at the door, she froze not sure if to answer or not, they knocked again, this time louder, whoever it was knew she was there. She slowly walked to the door holding her breath, she cracked the door open slightly, and the door was flung open knocking her over. Raoul burst through slamming the door behind him, and scanning the room finally seeing Christine sitting on the floor where she had fallen. Raoul locked the door and walked over to where Christine was sitting, pulling her up by the arm and dragging her towards the bed. She struggled trying to break his grip on her, but he was so much stronger than her. “What do you want with me?” she asked as he threw her on the bed. “Exactly what you want” he said, pulling his shirt over his head. “You have no clue what I want” she said trying to get passed him and to the door, but he grabbed her arm pushing her back onto the bed, while kicking off his boots. He climbed onto the bed pressing himself against her while he pulled a set of handcuffs from his back pocket, pulling her arms above her and fastening them to the bed. Christine began to cry as he ripped the front of her dress and began to bite her neck, leaving a mark that stung at every point his mouth touched her skin. As she continued to cry he ripped her skirt leaving her surrounded by the remains of her clothing, Raoul pulled his pants off supporting his weight on his upper arms and pushing inside her hard and fast. Christine Screamed out in pain and started crying harder from the pain, he didn’t notice or care he simply began to move faster, thrusting harder and deeper. He began kneading her breasts, pulling at her nipples and playing with them with his teeth.

After a while she stopped crying and simple lay there as he continued to defile her, her thoughts were with Erik, wishing he would come looking for her. Once Raoul had finished he kissed her mouth and lay next to her drapping one arm over her waist and fell asleep.
Christine didn’t sleep, she tried all night to break free of the handcuffs to no avail. In the morning when Raoul finally woke, he went and found and new dress throwing it at Christine and commanding her to dress, he undid the binding and dressed himself by the door to make sure she wouldn’t make a run for it. Once she was dressed he grabbed her bruised wrist and pulled her through the opera house and out the back door to where a car was waiting for them. He pushed her inside climbing in after and closing the door and giving the driver an address. “where are you taking me?” she finally asked as they began to leave the city. “We are heading to our new home by the sea where we first met, do you remember?” Raoul asked taking her hand. She did not answer only looked and the window and began to silently cry again.

Erik was in a state of panic he had searched every inch of the opera house and had not found her, he finally decided to ask madame Giry. When she walked into her rooms she found him sitting at her vanity looking into the mirror. “What are you doing here?” she asked looking nervously at the man. “Have you seen Christine?” he asked standing and walking over to face her. “No” she answered backing up as he got closer to her until she was against the door, he looked down into her trembling eyes. “But you know what happened, you are the mother of this house, you see all” he said quietly narrowing his eyes. “The viscount, he went to her room last night” she said trembling even worse now. “And then what?” Erik pressed. “This morning they left through a back door, he was pulling her by the wrist” she said. Erik back up letting her move out of the way of the door before he went through.


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okay so for anyone who reads these then first off thank you all and second their is this awesome Girl on here who does amazing art work and some pretty damn awesome photos :Hellsanimeangel: hope some people check her out

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